Are Peach Trees Invasive? A Comprehensive Guide

Peach trees can become invasive in certain regions if not properly maintained and controlled. While they are not typically considered highly invasive, they can spread and compete with native vegetation if allowed to grow unchecked. It is important to plant peach trees in appropriate locations and regularly prune and maintain them to prevent them from … Read more

Transform Your Lawn with Atlas Fescue: Benefits, Planting, and Care Tips

Atlas Fescue is a type of grass that has recently gained popularity due to its ability to provide a sustainable and low-maintenance solution for lawn care in America. The current state of lawn care in America is characterized by the use of high-maintenance grasses that require frequent watering, mowing, and chemical treatments. This not only … Read more

Adding Texture and Interest to Your Landscape with Sesleria Greenlee

Sesleria Greenlee, also known as Greenlee’s moor grass, is a species of perennial grass that is native to the European Alps. This plant is named after the American botanist James C. Greenlee, who first collected the type specimen in the Julian Alps in 1964. Sesleria Greenlee is a hardy plant that is well adapted to … Read more

Sedum Carl: The Versatile Plant for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Sedum Carl is a type of sedum plant, also known as Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’. It is a low-growing perennial succulent that is native to Russia and parts of Asia. Sedum Carl features small, round leaves that are green with red edges, which darken to burgundy in colder weather. In the summer, the plant produces … Read more

Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Folgate Lavender

Lavender is a well-known aromatic plant that has been used for centuries for various purposes such as relaxation, medicinal purposes, and beauty products. One particular type of lavender that has gained popularity in recent years is Folgate Lavender. The variety of English lavender known for its strong fragrance and beautiful purple flowers is Folgate Lavender. … Read more