Creative Ways to Display Firestick Plants in Your Home

The Firestick plant is a versatile and unique plant that can be displayed in various ways in your home. There are many creative ways to display your firestick plants, from hanging planters to wall-mounted displays, terrariums, and mosaic planters. Experiment with different styles and displays to find the one that works best for your home and personal style.

The firestick plant, known as Euphorbia tirucalli, is popular due to its unique appearance and easy care requirements if you are looking for creative ways to display your firestick plants in your home.

7 Ideas to Display Firestick Plants

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hanging planters:

One of the easiest and most popular ways to display your firestick plant is to hang it in a planter. You can choose from various styles, such as macrame hangers, wire baskets, or ceramic planters. Hanging your firestick plant will allow it to drape down, creating an eye-catching display.

Wall-mounted planters:

Another option is to mount your firestick plant on the wall using a planter. This is an excellent option if you have limited floor or table space. You can choose from various styles, such as geometric shapes, wooden frames, or even mounted test tubes.


A terrarium is a perfect way to display your firestick plant in a small, enclosed space. You can create your terrarium using a glass container, gravel, soil, and a firestick plant. You can add other plants and decorations to create a miniature garden in your home.

Mosaic planter:

If you want to get creative, you can make your mosaic planter to display your firestick plant. You can use broken ceramic pieces, glass, or even shells to create a one-of-a-kind planter that will add colour to your home.

Shelf displays:

You can display multiple firestick plants in different sizes and shapes if you have a shelf or bookcase. This will create a beautiful, eye-catching display that will add visual interest to your space.

Fireplace mantel:

If you have a fireplace in your home, you can use the mantel to display your firestick plant. This will create a unique display that will add a touch of nature to your living space.

Table centerpieces:

You can use your firestick plant as a dining or coffee table centrepiece. You can create a simple display using a clear vase or add elements like candles or stones to create a unique display.

How to Style Firestick Plants in Your Living Room

Here are some tips on how to style your firestick plant in your living room:

Choose the right spot:

The first step in styling your firestick plant is to choose the right spot in your living room. Look for an area with plenty of natural light and enough space to accommodate the plant’s size. Avoid placing it in areas with heavy foot traffic or where it could be knocked over.

Pick a suitable container:

Choose a container that complements your living room’s decor and is large enough to support your firestick plant’s growth. A neutral or earthy-tone container will accentuate the unique colours of the plant.

Use accessories:

You can accentuate your firestick plant by pairing it with other accessories. Besides the plant, a set of books or ceramic figurines can draw attention to the unique texture and colours.

Create a focal point:

The firestick plant’s unique texture and colour can make it an excellent focal point in your living room. Grouping other accessories around the plant, such as a rug or framed art, will create an eye-catching display.

Mix and match:

Firestick plants are available in various sizes and shapes. Combining plants with varying heights and shapes can create a visually appealing display.

Consider pairing with contrasting colors:

The firestick plant’s vibrant red and orange hues contrast nicely with cooler tones like blues, greens, and greys. Adding throw pillows or a colourful area rug in the same hues as the plant will create a harmonious display.

Maintain the Firestick plants:

Proper plant maintenance is essential to keep your firestick plant healthy and visually appealing. Water the plant regularly and ensure the soil is well-drained to prevent root rot. Wipe down the plant’s leaves and stems to remove accumulated dust and cut back any dead or damaged branches to promote healthy growth.

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Firestick plants are a beautiful and versatile addition to any home, with many creative ways to display them! The possibilities are endless, whether you hang them from the ceiling, place them on a bookshelf, or create a unique DIY planter. By experimenting with different styling techniques and finding the perfect spot in your living room, you can create a stunning display that adds colour and life to your space. So go ahead and get creative with your firestick plant – the results are sure to be beautiful!

How can I display my plants at home?

There are many creative ways to display plants at home, depending on your style and the size of your space. Some popular options include hanging plants from the ceiling or wall, placing them on shelves or bookcases, using a plant stand or ladder, or creating a vertical garden on a wall. You can get creative with DIY planters and unique containers, such as vintage teapots or repurposed mason jars.

Do Firestick plants need full sun?

Firestick plants, known as Euphorbia tirucalli, prefer bright indirect light but can also tolerate full sun. However, protecting the plant from direct sunlight is essential in scorching and sunny conditions to avoid scorching the leaves. If you’re keeping your Firestick plant indoors, place it near a window with plenty of indirect light.

How do you display hanging plants?

Hanging plants can add a beautiful and whimsical touch to any space. You will need a hook or bracket to attach to the ceiling or wall to display a hanging plant. You can then use a macrame hanger, a decorative pot with a hanger, or even a piece of twine or string to suspend the plant from the hook. Be sure to choose a location with enough light for your plant, and adjust the hanger height as needed.

How do you propagate a Firestick plant?

Firestick plants can be propagated from stem cuttings. To do this, select a healthy stem and use a sharp pair of scissors to make a clean cut just below a leaf node. Allow the cutting to dry out for a day or two, then dip the end in the rooting hormone and plant it in well-draining soil. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged, and place the cutting in bright, indirect light until roots have formed and new growth appears.


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